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All Change! February 03 2018

I have very mixed emotions about this decision but it is the best things for me personally, I have decided that the bricks and mortar shop in Farsley will close on 24th March.

The Skep will continue selling fabrics online, all fabrics will be listed here to buy in due course.

I will also be attending some shows and will still continue to hold sit and sew days at a new venue - TBA very soon.  These sit and sew / knit and natter / hook and heckle days will also be a pop up shop for anyone to visit should they need supplies.

I an also talking with the teachers about still holding classes in the new venue.

So I'm not going altogether, I just wont be in Farsley anymore.

I'm sorry to upset anybody and I don't take any of this lightly, but I have to do whats best for me and my family.

I've made a great many friends doing this and have had a great ten years.  I'm looking forward to the next ten!

Thank you all for everything, I hope to see you at the pop up shops or the shows and of course at the sit and sew days

SHOWS AND CLOSURES February 25 2017

Hello to all, just to let you know as far in advance as possible  I have booked the following shows and holidays so the shop will be closed on these dates:

Leeds Wool Festival - Saturday 3rd June

Closed 25th June reopen 15th July

Yarndale - Saturday 23rd September

Any classes / sit and sew days that fall within these times are all still running with your teachers as planned.

I will post here and Facebook and on the new class list as and when any further shows come up.

Christmas December 16 2016

Hello everyone, just to let you know the arrangements for over Christmas.  We close at 4pm on Saturday 17th December for the Christmas break.  The only items available to purchase in the online shop during that time will be the classes.  If you are buying a class as a gift and need an email certificate for the recipient to print out please let me know on the contact form including any message you'd like to include and I will send one through to you so you can send when you like.  You will receive confirmation of the order anyway but if you'd like this free service do let me know.  This service won't be available on 25th and 26th December.

We are reopening on Tuesday 3rd January for The Grand Sale - your patience will be greatly appreciated, I am likely to be on my own for this so you may have to wait to be served. There are 2 car parks between the buildings if you can't park outside the shop.

After 3rd January we will no longer be open on a Tuesday, due to our ever increasing class list and the fact that many of the shops we all know and love round and about Farsley only open Wednesday to Saturday this seems the most sensible day to close.

Our new opening hours therefore will be Wednesday to Saturday 10 - 4.

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody, thanks so much for your support this year and every other, I appreciate you all very much, Clare xxx

New Opening Times and New Class List November 08 2016

Our new class list is out!  There are paper copies in the shop feel free to grab one whenever you're in, they're updated all the time.  Its not exhaustive - I will adding to it as we go along.  They are all listed here online for your information and booking purposes.

We already have plans for the second half of the year but for the time being the list goes up to June.  

I have some important news regarding our opening hours and want to give everyone as much notice as possible.  Due to the increase in our Sunday classes for 2017 we will no longer be open on Tuesdays from January.  Apologies for any inconvenience. This arrangement will commence after The Grand Sale (Tuesday 3rd January).  The signs have been up in the shop since October and I have posted on social media several times, it is also detailed on the new class lists and in the adverts I have in several magazines.  Hopefully that will catch everyone!

Shows And Shop Closures May 15 2016

The Skep attends a number of shows throughout the year and the busy nature of these shows means unfortunately we have to close to attend them.  I apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

There are posters on the door and in the shop detailing these closure days, please feel free to take a photo to remind you.  Some are last minute bookings so any of those will be posted on Facebook.  There is also a list on the back of the class lists you can pick up in the shop.

These are the ones confirmed so far this year, main show season is September to December so please look out for additions later in the year.

Closed from 30th July, reopening Tuesday 9th August

Saturday 24th September - Yarndale

Saturday 8th October - Pentrich Quilt Show

Saturday 29th October - Kendal Wool Gathering

New Class Listings March 17 2016

Hello to all, we have a new class list out in the shop.  Grab a copy from the counter when you come in to see us.  The classes are also all listed on the website too for you to look and book.

We have 8 new dates for crochet classes including a Saturday day class dedicated to those cute crocheted creatures we love. Beginners, intermediate and advanced are all there too.  We also have knitters finishing techniques class which is fabulous to get that really professional finish on a garment - Maureen LOVES finishing garments and knows approximately 50 thousand ways to make it look fabulous - come and join us, you'll be in great hands!

More quilt classes with some details to be confirmed later in the year.  Also on the list are dates of when we are closing this year, Easter, Christmas and show dates. There are likely to be more shows than listed so far, it depends what we decide to do later in the year.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and other social media to find out all our news first and details about giveaways, special offers and sales.

Happy Spring!

GIVEAWAY !!! March 09 2016

We 've reached 3000 followers on Facebook so to celebrate I've decided to have a giveaway.  

There are 3 prizes (1 for each 1000) and to win all you have to do is follow us, share and leave a comment including which prize you would choose if you win.

You can choose either a £50 voucher to spend however you wish, a crochet class (beginners, intermediate or advanced) or a 1 day quilt class.

Good luck!

SALE!!! December 29 2015

Our only sale event of the year starts this Saturday 2nd January at 10am in our bricks and mortar shop.  I purge in January ready for all the new stock coming our way.  This is our only sale event of the year and is HUGE!  Loads of bargains - fabrics from £1 a metre, yarn from £1 a ball, books, patterns, magazines, sample garments, gifts etc.  This is a BIG sale and is massively busy - people book the day off work to come!  As such its impossible for me to keep the stock levels correct online so for the time being only the classes are available to purchase on the website. As the initial mayhem subsides, I will relist everything online again so everyone has a chance at a bargain.  Many thanks for your patience!

Temporary Stock Reduction December 04 2015

Hello to all, its been a hectic couple of weeks, first at the Knitting & Stitching Show and now in the middle of The Country Living Fair.  I have taken 90% of the stock off the website as with the best will in the world we can't get online orders out when we're not in the shop and I hate to disappoint.   Apologies to anyone visiting a very sparse virtual Skep, the relisting will begin in earnest on Tuesday when I know what we have left.

Extra Instructions For Crocheted Cushions October 01 2015


I have concentrated on the african flower pattern and not enough on how to get it into a finished product i.e. a cushion.  To that end I hope these instructions help.  There are better instructions than mine out there, video tutorials are hugely helpful, this is just how I do it.

There are patterns on the internet for half hexes - I couldn't follow them so just did whole ones to make up the size of cushion front I wanted.
If you can follow them then your yarn will go further of course!

To join your hexes the same way as mine i.e. to make the ridge, proceed as follows:
Put two hexagons next to each other, flat and right side uppermost. You will see that there is a ‘v’ shape which forms the top of each stitch, it is these ‘v’s we need to concentrate on.
At the corner of each hexagon there is a hole formed by a chain - your chain space, I join my hexagons by slip stitching through the hole first then through the two inner stitches of the ‘v’s as well. I then dc all the way along one side of the hexagons going through the two inner stitches of the ‘v’s - thats one from each hexagon, only. It is this method that gives you the ridge which so nicely frames the hexagons. I find it easiest to join one hexagon to another to form a row, then join the rows together.

Once you have enough hexagons to cover the size of cushion you want - (this depends on which kit / how many balls you’ve purchased / your own tension) and have joined them all together you’re ready to sew your cushion back to your cushion front.

*at this point if your cushion front looks like the cat has kittened on it, it might be a good idea to block it.  Spray your work with water till damp.  Pull the finished crocheted top into shape and pin it to a dampened towel on a flat surface, fold a dampened towel over the top of your crochet and leave it to dry.  This will flatten it and make it easier to sew.*

Make an envelope back the size of your cushion pad by cutting two pieces of fabric big enough to overlap each other by a good 6 inches with some extra for seam allowance. Make sure they are big enough to double hem each piece to neaten the opening edges. Iron a double hem and top stitch into place.

Please note if you are doing a rectangular cushion, place the opening off centre towards one edge (like a pillow but not as close to the edge) or you wont be able to insert your cushion pad.

Place your two back pieces overlapping each other right side uppermost, check by using your cushion pad over the pieces to make sure you have the positioning right.
Place the crocheted front over the top of the backs, right side down and pin in place.
If like me you can't do the half hexagons make sure you put plenty of pins in so you can see your sewing line. Sew all the way round several times to hold it all in place, you may find a walking foot beneficial if you have one, if you hand sew be firm!

I now trim the edges square which will probably completely freak you out but if you've sewn several times ( I did actually do it 7 times on my machine ) it should hold, I've had no problems and made several of these that get very heavy usage. If you can trim a little off the corners to lessen the bulk thats a good idea too.

Now turn your cover the right way out and insert your pad.  Voila!



There are many versions of this on the internet, you may prefer one of them to mine, there are even video tutorials which are excellent as you can follow step by step stopping it whenever you need to.
In case you dont do any surfing or just want a hard copy of the pattern this is how I do mine.
Using different colours at different stages gives different effects, experiment to see what works best with the colours you choose.

1. Ch 4, sl st together to form a ring.
2. ch3, 1 tr, ch1, *2 tr, ch1* repeat until there are 6 spaces and 6 groups of 2 tr, fasten off in this colour, join in another.
3. In a chain space, ch3, 1tr in same space, *ch2, 2tr. 2tr in next space, repeat * 5 times. Sl st into 3rd chain of first stitch of beginning of round.
4. Sl st along to the first space of previous round, ch3, 6tr into same ch space, ch1, 7 tr into next ch space, repeat until round is complete, sl stitch into 3rd chain of first stitch. fasten off ready for next colour.
5. join in next colour, dc into each of the 7 stitches of each ‘petal’ making a long stitch down into round 2 between each petal. Fasten off this colour.
With next colour join in and ch3 at top of a petal work 1ch, 1tr, in same stitch. *1 tr in each of next 3 stitches. 1ch (directly above the long stitch between petals) 1 tr in each of next 3 stitches. 1 tr, 1ch, 1tr in the stitch at top of petal. * repeat from * to end of round, fasten off.

Yarndale September 23 2015

I've temporarily removed all the yarns from the site whilst we're away at Yarndale this weekend.  This is to prevent orders happening at the same time at the show as on the website, its the best way to make sure this doesn't happen as its not possible for us to update the website when were at the show.  Whatever is left of the sale yarns on our return will be put back online once we've taken stock again.

The shop will be closed on Saturday as both Pam and I will be at the show, the English Paper Piecing class will go ahead as planned on Sunday with your teacher Brioni Greenberg.  Please arrive for 9.30 to start at 10am, bring your lunch and the following:  hand sewing kit, scissors, thread, pencil, glue stick, ruler, needles.

HEXY BLANKET August 28 2015


I'm no pattern writer, but Ive done my very best to share this with you.  If you come into the shop I'll be happy to show you how - I am left handed however so that might not be as helpful as it sounds!

I used Rico Essentials DK for my hexy blanket, available in our shop and online.

4mm hook.

With a colour of your choice, chain 4, join to form a circle
Chain 3, counts as 1 tr, then 11 tr into the hole, slip stitch to join.
Chain 3 (counts as 1 treble) 1tr into same st then 2 tr in each stitch of the previous round (1 x chain 3 and 23 tr altogether), slip stitch to join.
Slip stitch along 2 stitches so you're above the hole in the previous row made by the gap between the groups of 2 tr. Chain 3 then 2tr in hole, 3tr into each of the remaining holes, slip stitch together.
You will now have 12 groups of trebles in the completed round.

Fasten off and change to your background colour.

Join into any space between the treble groups, chain 3 then slip stitch between each group of trebles to anchor the chains in place, slip stitch together at end of round.
Next round: slip stitch into next loop of chains on previous row, then chain 3, 2tr, 2ch, 3tr all into same loop of chains to make a corner, 3tr into next chain loop.
3tr, 2ch, 3tr to make the next corner and so on.
Repeat to end of round giving 6 corners and therefore forming the hexagon shape.

Final round, ch 2, 1dc into each st of previous row, make 2dc or 3dc in each corner (your tension will determine which looks best here you may need 2 or 3, try it and see). I find this extra row of dc makes it easier to join the hexies.
Join your hexies in your preferred way. (mine are crocheted together).

Tip: I find a sizeable blanket benefits from a few rows of dc around the whole edge, this keeps the blanket in better shape - cotton is heavy and the hexies tend to distort with out the edging.
How much yarn you need depends on your tension and hook size and of course how big you want to go and how many colours you want to use.  I had 10 different colours for the middles and I think 6 balls of cream but this has been a long project so I can't be sure.

We put wool away in the shop if you're not sure what you need.

Hope it make sense!

Show Season! August 25 2015

We are doing a number of shows in this busy run up to Christmas.  Its all very exciting but does mean we will have to close for a few days.  Below is a list of what we're doing followed by (in brackets)  when we're closed.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

W.I. Centennial Fair - Harrogate International Centre 3rd to 6th September (closed Thurs, Fri, Sat)

Yarndale - Skipton Auction Mart 26th & 27th September (closed Saturday)

Kendal Wool Gathering 24th & 25th October (closed Saturday)

Knitting & Stitching Show Harrogate 26th to 29th November  TBC

Country Living Fair Harrogate 3rd to 6th December (closed Thurs, Fri, Sat)


New Arrivals July 28 2015

Among our latest arrivals are some beautiful single patterns for Louisa Harding Noema, more colours in the very popular Makower Spot fabric, new Frozen quilt panel and co-ordinate, The Walking Dead fabric and due in at the end of the week new colours in Amitola, and a brand new yarn Amitola Grande.  This is a chunky version of the beautiful striped yarn made of silk and wool - one of my favourite yarns of all time!

Don't forget we're closed on Saturday as we're at a show.  Apologies for any inconvenience, we're back to normal Tuesday.

New Arrivals This Week October 16 2014

Bergere de France knitting kits have arrived. This one is for a pompon hat and includes pattern, needles, yarn and even the pompon maker!  

Silver Christmas bells are back in stock

Twenty Kona fabrics came back into stock this week too, we're still working our way towards having the whole lot, such gorgeous colours.

We also took delivery of more Bergere pattern books, restocking some that were low and introducing a brand new one for children which as with all their books is gorgeous!

Look out in the shop and online for our new kits with free patterns to make some of the items you've seen us make featured on our social media sites.

We've taken delivery of over 100 new fabrics in the last couple of weeks and are now bursting at the seams with new stock, patterns, books, Knitpro, kits and gifts for Christmas, new classes are being listed all the time - great Christmas presents!

Coming soon! September 09 2014

We have some great new knitting kits by Bergere de France due in later this month.

They come in a lovely box and you can either give the kit as a gift for a knitter or knit it yourself and use the box as a gift box, with 'handmade' printed on the side they'll appreciate the love you've put into making something just for them.

Theres a choice of baby garments and accessories, they're great for beginners and many of them are made from yarns we stock so if you'd like to change the colour just ask.

They contain the yarns, the needles, buttons if appropriate and the bobble hat one even comes with a pompon maker!

Also coming soon are brand new fabrics from Gutterman! You know and love their threads, I'm sure you'll like their fabrics.

We also have 8 more colours in Debbie Bliss Donegal Fine expected any time now, check out the gorgeous garment we have on display, only three balls needed!




Welcome to Our New Website August 30 2014

From everyone here at The Skep we would like to welcome you to our brand new website. We hope you like it.

Why not stay in touch...connect with us via TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest :D