HEXY BLANKET August 28 2015


I'm no pattern writer, but Ive done my very best to share this with you.  If you come into the shop I'll be happy to show you how - I am left handed however so that might not be as helpful as it sounds!

I used Rico Essentials DK for my hexy blanket, available in our shop and online.

4mm hook.

With a colour of your choice, chain 4, join to form a circle
Chain 3, counts as 1 tr, then 11 tr into the hole, slip stitch to join.
Chain 3 (counts as 1 treble) 1tr into same st then 2 tr in each stitch of the previous round (1 x chain 3 and 23 tr altogether), slip stitch to join.
Slip stitch along 2 stitches so you're above the hole in the previous row made by the gap between the groups of 2 tr. Chain 3 then 2tr in hole, 3tr into each of the remaining holes, slip stitch together.
You will now have 12 groups of trebles in the completed round.

Fasten off and change to your background colour.

Join into any space between the treble groups, chain 3 then slip stitch between each group of trebles to anchor the chains in place, slip stitch together at end of round.
Next round: slip stitch into next loop of chains on previous row, then chain 3, 2tr, 2ch, 3tr all into same loop of chains to make a corner, 3tr into next chain loop.
3tr, 2ch, 3tr to make the next corner and so on.
Repeat to end of round giving 6 corners and therefore forming the hexagon shape.

Final round, ch 2, 1dc into each st of previous row, make 2dc or 3dc in each corner (your tension will determine which looks best here you may need 2 or 3, try it and see). I find this extra row of dc makes it easier to join the hexies.
Join your hexies in your preferred way. (mine are crocheted together).

Tip: I find a sizeable blanket benefits from a few rows of dc around the whole edge, this keeps the blanket in better shape - cotton is heavy and the hexies tend to distort with out the edging.
How much yarn you need depends on your tension and hook size and of course how big you want to go and how many colours you want to use.  I had 10 different colours for the middles and I think 6 balls of cream but this has been a long project so I can't be sure.

We put wool away in the shop if you're not sure what you need.

Hope it make sense!