Extra Instructions For Crocheted Cushions October 01 2015


I have concentrated on the african flower pattern and not enough on how to get it into a finished product i.e. a cushion.  To that end I hope these instructions help.  There are better instructions than mine out there, video tutorials are hugely helpful, this is just how I do it.

There are patterns on the internet for half hexes - I couldn't follow them so just did whole ones to make up the size of cushion front I wanted.
If you can follow them then your yarn will go further of course!

To join your hexes the same way as mine i.e. to make the ridge, proceed as follows:
Put two hexagons next to each other, flat and right side uppermost. You will see that there is a ‘v’ shape which forms the top of each stitch, it is these ‘v’s we need to concentrate on.
At the corner of each hexagon there is a hole formed by a chain - your chain space, I join my hexagons by slip stitching through the hole first then through the two inner stitches of the ‘v’s as well. I then dc all the way along one side of the hexagons going through the two inner stitches of the ‘v’s - thats one from each hexagon, only. It is this method that gives you the ridge which so nicely frames the hexagons. I find it easiest to join one hexagon to another to form a row, then join the rows together.

Once you have enough hexagons to cover the size of cushion you want - (this depends on which kit / how many balls you’ve purchased / your own tension) and have joined them all together you’re ready to sew your cushion back to your cushion front.

*at this point if your cushion front looks like the cat has kittened on it, it might be a good idea to block it.  Spray your work with water till damp.  Pull the finished crocheted top into shape and pin it to a dampened towel on a flat surface, fold a dampened towel over the top of your crochet and leave it to dry.  This will flatten it and make it easier to sew.*

Make an envelope back the size of your cushion pad by cutting two pieces of fabric big enough to overlap each other by a good 6 inches with some extra for seam allowance. Make sure they are big enough to double hem each piece to neaten the opening edges. Iron a double hem and top stitch into place.

Please note if you are doing a rectangular cushion, place the opening off centre towards one edge (like a pillow but not as close to the edge) or you wont be able to insert your cushion pad.

Place your two back pieces overlapping each other right side uppermost, check by using your cushion pad over the pieces to make sure you have the positioning right.
Place the crocheted front over the top of the backs, right side down and pin in place.
If like me you can't do the half hexagons make sure you put plenty of pins in so you can see your sewing line. Sew all the way round several times to hold it all in place, you may find a walking foot beneficial if you have one, if you hand sew be firm!

I now trim the edges square which will probably completely freak you out but if you've sewn several times ( I did actually do it 7 times on my machine ) it should hold, I've had no problems and made several of these that get very heavy usage. If you can trim a little off the corners to lessen the bulk thats a good idea too.

Now turn your cover the right way out and insert your pad.  Voila!